We All Need to Volunteer

Whenever I have a little extra money, I always have the urge to spend it on myself. I never really thought anything about it before, but these days I sometimes feel bad about buying things when there are so many people out there in the world that have so much less than I do. These people are the really unfortunate ones and can use a little help. Recently I looked at the best fundraising events for people who want to give a little to charity and found one that could use my help.

I didn’t stop at just donating money to a fundraising event. I decided to volunteer my time to help out the event. Anyone can just write a check and call it a day, but it takes a person who actually cares about a charity and the people that it will be helping to volunteer for it. Volunteering isn’t always easy, but if no one does it, then no one will be helped. This was my first time doing any kind of volunteer work and I feel good about it. I get the feeling that I’m actually making a difference in something, rather than just thinking about myself and serving my own needs.

The next time there is a fundraising event, I’m going to volunteer again, and I’m also going to find as many people as I can and get them to volunteer as well. The more people we have helping out with a fundraiser, the more money that we can actually bring in to help those that are less fortunate. These people can also donate some money as well. Maybe those people will tell their friends and family and get them to join in and donate money, and then we can really have a network of people that are ready to help.