The Art of Mastering Workouts

7 Items Necessary for a Great Gym Session

Do you love going to the gym? If you go to the gym, or you would like to start, there are some items that should never miss in your gym bag. While getting out of the house, make sure everything you need is already packed in your gym bag. It feels bad to reach at the gym, only to realize you left some items at home.

Most likely, the items you will carry will depend on what workout activities that will be involved. Regardless of which workout you are doing, here are items that should always be in the gym bag:

A bottle full of Water

Your body will require a lot of water to replace the one you are losing through sweating. You will also certainly feel thirsty during the session. Therefore, you will need to carry a water bottle when going to the gym. The water will help in keeping your body hydrated, enabling you to continue doing your workout.

Training gear

You will certainly need to change your usual clothes and wear some training clothes. You shouldn’t care much about fashion. Make sure you have light clothes and shoes that can give your body a breathing room.


Your body will be full of sweat when training. There will be nobody who will want to come close to you when you are smelling nasty. Ensure you pack a spray inside you gym bag and apply it before and when you are done with the session.

Heartbeat monitor

Exercising has health benefits, but you should control how you do it. A heart monitor is important in helping you know when you are going above the limit. The device shows you your heartbeat pace during the workout. There are some heart monitors that can also show you how much calories you are losing while working out.

Another pair of socks

Your feet will likely get sweaty and smelly. That is why, carrying another pair of socks to the gym is necessary. Also, if you will take a shower after the session, you will have a clean pair of socks that won’t make your feet dirty again.


Even if you are trying to lose weight, you will definitely need to eat. Therefore, it is critical you carry something to eat so that you don’t faint due to hunger when heading back home. It is for your own good to carry food that doesn’t have excessive fat.

Some good songs

Music is good for motivation. It will also prevent you from getting distracted while you are busy. Pack some headphones with some good songs in the bag. The songs will keep you motivated when working out. Ensure you have all the items mentioned above in your gym bag. The items above will make the session a good experience.